Petition Demands Renaming of JSU's Bibb Graves

As more Confederate statues and other memorabilia is being removed across the state, a petition has been drawn to rename a local university’s academic building.Bibb Graves sits on the campus of Jacksonville State University, commonly known as the main administrative building, is named after former Alabama Governor, David Bibb Graves. Graves was also known as the Grand Cyclops of the Montgomery Klavern of the Ku Klux Klan. JSU alumni Matthew Reeves started the petition several days after a similar petition was created by students at the University of North Alabama.

Jacksonville State has since released a response to the petition stating they have appointed a special task force of students to further address the building names in conjunction with the Student Government Association President. The university must obtain State approval to change the names of buildings more than 40 years old on state property. JSU also says it stands firmly against the harm and injustice people of color continue to face and are committed to addressing systemic racism. The petition currently has more than 3,000 signatures.


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