Calhoun County 2020 Census Numbers Slowly Growing

As the 2020 Census numbers continue to roll in, Calhoun County has reported more than 50% of its residents completing the survey. Although the number is slowly growing, the census committee says there are more than 40,000 people who still need to take the census within the county. As of today, Calhoun County is at 61.1% for self-reporting 2020 Census surveys. It’s important for the county and state to exceed 2010 Census numbers to secure the current number of federal representatives and the more than $13-billion in census-derived funding for the state. Co-chair of the Complete County Committee, Andy Green, believes that countywide numbers aren’t where he’d hope they be due to the Coronavirus crisis shifting everyday routines. If you don’t complete the census before the end of the summer, census workers will begin to contact you for the needed information.

Students attending Jacksonville State University are also equally important, Green adds. The University includes every student living on campus in the 2020 Census, but, it’s up to the students living off campus, to complete the survey themselves. There is still time to do your part and complete the 2020 Census. To do so online or by phone, visit


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