Former Atlanta Police Officer Charged with Felony Murder for Death of Rayshard Brooks

Five days after an Atlanta man was shot and killed by a former police officer, the district attorney announced during a new conference that he will face felony murder charges.Garrett Rolfe faces 10 other crimes in addition to felony murder related to the death of Rayshard Brooks. Rolfe and another officer, Devin Brosnan responded to a call about a man who had fallen asleep in his vehicle in a Wendy’s parking lot. Officers then questioned Brooks before giving him a breathalyzer test to determine his level of intoxication. Brooks reportedly failed the test and as officers attempted to arrest him, he took one of the officer’s taser and began to run. With his back pointed at the officers, Brooks pointed the taser at the officers and Rolfe fired several shots, striking Brooks in the back. He later died at a nearby hospital. Rolfe has since been fired and Brosnan has been put on administrative leave. Brosnan is also being charged with Aggravated Assault and other crimes.


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