Alabama Has the 2nd Highest Number of New Cases in Nation

Over the past two weeks, Alabama had the second highest number of new COVID-19 cases in the nation, based on each state’s total population. State Health Officer Scott Harris says the numbers are concerning and that if the new cases continue to grow, we will see more hospitalizations and deaths. According to the dean of the UAB School of Medicine, one of the hardest parts of fighting this pandemic is human behavior.

The Director of the Division Infectious Diseases at UAB, Jeanne Marrazzo explains the importance of wearing face masks. Marrazzo says they know masks are effective in protecting against the virus when used in conjunction with social distancing because they’ve seen large cities contain the virus through those measures. However, just over the weekend, the CDC said it has been reviewing the use of face masks during the pandemic and they expect to release new guidelines regarding masks soon.


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