Aspiring Artist Paints “Love vs Hate” Mural in Gadsden

An aspiring artist has worked on a project for several days in hopes that his community will ultimately choose love over hate despite the country’s current climate. The giant mural you’ll see in Gadsden alongside the The Norman Way Store was painted by Savion Saint John. He is an incredibly talented artist from Detroit, Michigan who was inspired to create his very first mural inspired by the 1989 Spike Lee film, “Do The Right Thing.” Savion says although he wasn’t born when the film first released, many scenes from that movie are still relevant in today’s world.

Savion says he has no intentions on receiving attention throughout social media or on a national platform, but was extremely grateful about the positive response he received from the community while painting the mural. Savion hopes his mural will help people understand that despite one's differences, love still conquers all.


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