Alabama Education Association's Shares Expectations for Reopening Schools

The Alabama Education Association says that it’s pleased to see that the state included many of it’s suggestions for reopening schools this fall. On behalf of teachers, The AEA released a list of nearly two-dozen expectations for reopening schools amid the coronavirus pandemic. Some of the requirements suggest that all teachers, faculty, and staff should be equipped with the proper personal protective equipment to ensure their safety while on school property. Plexi glass should be installed on busses to protect bus drivers and installed in every school’s front office, cafeteria, and in front of every students’ desk. The list also recommends that teachers should rotate between classrooms instead of students to reduce the risk of exposure. The list has close to two dozen recommendations that AEA believes would not only ensure the health and safety of all students and educators, but also prioritize long-term strategies for student learning and educational equity.


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