Schools to Reopen for Fall Class with Online Options Offered

Alabama Schools Superintendent Doctor Eric Mackey announced today that all public schools will reopen for traditional classes this fall; however, all schools will also offer options for virtual learning for children whose parents are not comfortable sending them back in August. The roadmap to restarting the state’s school system is going to be difficult; Mackey explains, and is subject to change based on the spread of COVID-19.

When students return to classes in August, their overall learning experience will be the same, but things like cleaning procedures and lunchtime will change. Students will also adjust classroom seating to ensure proper social distancing. A recent survey shows that statewide, 15% of parents prefer to allow their children to learn virtually rather than in person. Doctor Mackey noted the percent is as low in 3% in some districts and as high as 80% in others. The key to making the virtual lessons work is making sure that all districts and all students have the tools they need, which is something Doctor Mackey says has already been in the works.

Doctor Mackey stressed that each school’s individual campus plan will look different. You can view the entire 50 page road map on the Alabama Department of Education's website.


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