Dr. Eric Mackey Asks for Patience and Support as Schools Prepare for Fall Semester

State Superintendent Doctor Eric Mackey is asking for patience and support as school systems throughout the state prepare to begin the fall semester in a different environment because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Mackey spoke with U.S Senator Doug Jones about the upcoming challenges school systems will face this fall. While Mackey believes there is no better way other than for students to learn inside the classroom, he is aware that some teachers and parents are concerned about the risks. More school systems are deciding to delay the start date for schools and begin the year with remote instruction.

Mackey says it will be important for teachers to remain active with their students online to ensure students are understanding daily lessons. Jones and Mackey answered dozens of questions online from concerned teachers and parents regarding safety when schools are reopened, the importance of wifi access, and the possible disadvantage students will face without in-person instruction throughout the school year. You can visit TV24’s Facebook page to watch the entire conversation between Senator Jones and Superintendent Eric Mackey.


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