Etowah County Schools' Chromebook Order Seized by U.S Customs

Etowah County Schools are looking at a possible laptop shortage should it become necessary to implement a totally remote learning plan due to COVID-19 before September. According to Etowah County Schools superintendent Alan Cosby, the district ordered chrome books from a vendor in June. The laptops were scheduled to be delivered this week, but district leaders were told the chrome books were seized by the U.S. Department of Commerce in customs. The seizure is tied to accusations that the electronics manufacturer is involved in human rights violations in China.

After learning that it might be October before receiving the chrome books, Cosby canceled the order and purchased the laptops from another vendor expected to deliver them by September. Cosby said the district has about 5,000 older laptops they can use. More than 8,000 Etowah County students are enrolled for the upcoming school year, and about 1,600 have chosen to begin the school year virtually.


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