The Fight Continues Against COVID-19

Doctors continue to stress the importance of following necessary precautions in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. The Calhoun County Unified Command introduced several community members who have survived the coronavirus in an effort to raise awareness to the dangers of it. Calhoun County has seen 1,807 COVID-19 cases with 674 of them being confirmed within the past 14 days. This is the second highest trend within a two week period. According to EMA Director Michael Barton, there are now 17 confirmed COVID deaths throughout the county; the unofficial total however, is currently at 30.

Taking a look at statewide COVID numbers 99,390 cases have been confirmed, that’s more than an additional 1,600 cases added since Sunday. The Alabama Department of Public Health reports 1,733 deaths and more than 37,900 have recovered.


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