Etowah County Students Return to In-Person Instruction

Students were the center of attention earlier today as they walked the red carpet leading them into the new school year. Although many school systems began the year with all virtual learning. The Etowah County School System upheld the option for parents to enroll their children in virtual learning, or in-person instruction. Students returned to John S. Jones Elementary School today to their teachers dressed in tuxedos and elegant dresses as part of their “Red Carpet Welcome.” The Oscar Themed car drop off line was inspired by teachers and faculty in an effort to make the students feel like stars.

Not only have staff members gone above and beyond to closely follow all guidelines to ensure students are safe, Principal Clark says they have also created a schedule that will accommodate students on alternate days to limit the amount of people that will be inside the building on a day-to-day basis. Superintendent Alan Cosby visited campuses to watch students return to classes and he feels it was the right decision to allow students to receive in-person instruction under the proper guidelines. The second half of students will return to in-person instruction tomorrow for Etowah County Schools.


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